Turn your cell phone or tablet into a microscope with this amazing lens. Help turn this project into a product.

Hold the Power of a Microscope in Your Hands

The Micro Phone Lens turns almost any cell phone into a powerful microscope. Take and send microscopic pictures and videos with your phone. Your friends will be amazed when you show them the Micro Phone Lens!

Features include:

Optically identical to glass
Soft lens is impervious to scratching
Self-adheres to almost any cell phone or tablet camera
Reusable: If dirty, just wash with soap and water!
Ultra-portable: take it anywhere

Elegantly Simple

The Micro Phone Lens is compact, durable, and has no moving parts. It works with almost any Cell Phone or Tablet. Using the Micro Phone Lens is easy:

1. Stick On: Press the Lens directly onto the device camera lens to adhere it until you’re done using it.

2. Focus: Move your device close to what you’re looking at. Most devices can tap to focus to make your image crystal clear.

3. Capture: Take a picture or video and share it. Impress your friends, make a new discovery, or figure out what’s in that sandwich you just ate; the only limit is your imagination!
Technical Specs

Base magnification: 15X
Max magnification: 60x with phone zoom
Minimum recommended camera: 5 Megapixels
Product diameter: 1/4” ( Approx. 6 mm)

Made with Platinum Catalyst Technology

The ultra-compact design of the Micro Phone lens is possible through patent pending platinum catalyzed silicone technology. This is what makes the Lens boldly stand out in a world full of tech gadgets.
Inspire a New Generation of Scientists

Americans consistently rank among the bottom of developed nations in terms of science education. Getting kids excited about science is an easy way to improve their academic skills and set them up for future success.
This bizarre trout parasite was recently documented by the Whitewater Creek Conservation Association by using the Micro Phone Lens. What will you discover?This bizarre trout parasite was recently documented by the Whitewater Creek Conservation Association by using the Micro Phone Lens. What will you discover?

Give a Micro Phone Lens to someone you love and spark a new kind of backyard exploration!
Why Kickstarter

The Short: I’m taking this project to Kickstarter to get it out of my basement and into the real world. Sort of like graduation.

The Long: This is a project that I’ve been working on for over a year now. I’ve invested a lot of time and money in it. There have been plenty of ups and downs, and now it’s finally time to make the Micro Phone Lens available to the public.

Through your help I can improve production capacity and design. I’ll increase my manufacturing capacity from taking hours to make a single lens to being able to fulfill all the donator rewards. This will put things in a great place to start selling the Micro Phone Lens online.
Production Plan

I’ll be making each Micro Phone Lens in-house (literally). This has huge advantages over outsourcing the manufacturing. I’ll have complete control over the production of the lenses, guaranteeing that each lens is quality assured.

To complete this project I will be scaling up and improving the manufacturing techniques used to make the prototypes. I’d love to fill this section up with pictures and schematics of the manufacturing process, but I’ve been advised against it for intellectual property reasons.

I plan on mailing out each Micro Phone Lens as soon as your donation is confirmed. Expect your Lens by late September; but it may take until October. Follow project updates to stay informed.

This Kickstarter is for sponsoring the development and distribution of the 15X magnification Micro Phone Lens. However, by supporting the project you are allowing future development of the design.

Further down the road, I intend to make a 150X version of the Lens available. Having a cheap and portable microscope would have huge implications for health and disease prevention in the developing world.

The following pictures were taken with a highly experimental 150X magnification version of the Micro Phone Lens. Due to unfinished design problems, this version isn’t quite ready yet.
About the Creator

Based in Seattle, Thomas Larson is a graduate of the University of Washington, BS Mechanical Engineering ’13 with specialization in Mechatronics. He began working on the Micro Phone Lens in early 2012, in the Cell Biomechanics Lab under Prof. Nathan Sniadecki. He further developed the Lens with team “Cell Focus”, placing in the top 16 of the University of Washington Business Plan Competition. Upon graduation he received the UW Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Research Award for his work. This Kickstarter represents his first foray into the post-educational world.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Near-final prototypes have already been made, and my college education focused heavily on manufacturing, so development/production won’t be an issue. I have experience using the postal system so fulfillment won’t be a problem.

You don’t need a brand new cell phone to use the Micro Phone Lens, but I recommend 5 megapixels or more for best results. Also, please look at the picture of how the Lens fits on the camera. I’ve never seen it, but if your device has a funky geometry it might not fit right.

Other than some unforeseeable disaster, the biggest risk is if this project doesn’t get funded. Please help spread the word about the Micro Phone Lens!