And more often we are playing games on our mobile devices. It’s easy to understand why, we carry it with us all the time everywhere we go. We can play a quick game during lunch break, or kick in an hour-long session laying on the couch.

There are tons of games available for our mobile devices, and a lot of them are free. Even the best games cost only a few bucks, which is very inexpensive compared to console games. The processors, displays and graphics are getting better everyday. Some devices like the iPads even have better resolutions than our HDTV.


First off, the touchscreen does not provide tactile feedback. We want to know exactly what button our thumbs are on before pressing it. Moving back and forth between real buttons is a lot faster, easier and more intuitive.

And worse yet, with touchscreen your thumbs are blocking the view. It’s no fun when you can’t see all the action. Gaming just isn’t quite the same and the feeling of really being in control isn’t completely there.
Is this how we really want to game?Is this how we really want to game?


The WynCASE™ lets you play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch with real buttons. It feels just like a real controller in your hands, instantly giving you more control of your games. And with your hands off of the screen, you’ll get a much better view of the action. Play your games, new and old for a whole new level of experience, reaching higher scores by having the ultimate competitive advantage.
Real buttons, real controls, no blocking view.Real buttons, real controls, no blocking view.


You can play games in landscape mode or portrait mode. No other consoles offer the same versatility.

No more worrying about packing it with you either. It’s small enough to be with you all the time.

With no batteries or draining battery from the iPhone, you can always count on it when you need it. Just snap it on and start playing, or flip it around when not in use for added style and protection.

By connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch to Apple TV, the WynCASE let’s you play on the big screen. Some games even utilize a dual screen mode to give you more control options.


The WynCASE uses our Patent-Pending BridgeTOUCH™ technology. When you press a button an electrical field is conducted into the touchscreen. The touchscreen recognizes this input just as when your finger touches it.

The WynCASE does not use batteries, nor does it drain battery from the iOS device like other Bluetooth controllers. There is no apparent delay between the press of the button and when it’s recognized by the game.

The touchscreen is the primary input for the iPhone and is already optimized for best performance. BridgeTOUCH technology utilizes this efficiency and doesn’t add any strain to the iPhone’s performance or battery life. Even with fast-action games, you stay in control and the phone keeps going.
Buttons have “snapping” feel and only activate when pressed all the way.Buttons have “snapping” feel and only activate when pressed all the way.


We will share our design layout to anyone to use. Our layout will work on any OS system including iOS and Android. Adapting an existing game for use with the WynCASE is as easy as moving the location of the virtual buttons.

We understand that a great gaming experience requires a broad selection of awesome games. Hundreds of games already work with the WynCASE and we are working with game developers everyday to make more compatible.

Game developers understand that this is a great tool for them. With the WynCASE, players will be engaged longer, play more frequently and enjoy a richer, more satisfying experience.


We value our mobile devices. It’s an expensive investment and has a lot of irreplaceable information like photos, videos, music, emails and messages.

In addition to being a game controller, we designed the WynCASE to be a high quality protective case which provides an added layer of protection to keep your phone safe.

We racked our brains designing the WynCASE to be reversible. With its unique design, either on the phone in game mode or phone mode, the features of the phone aren’t limited at all. Even picking up a call mid-game is no problem.


We are looking for your feedback to finalize our design. With your pledges, we will be able to go into high volume production to reduce unit costs. With your support, we hope to get as many games available as possible so that you can enjoy the best mobile gaming experience with the most fun and popular titles out there.

We are currently working on designing full controllers with analog sticks, not just for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but also for other mobile devices. Join our journey to revolutionize the way we play games on our mobile devices.



We have the basic design for the WynCASE complete. We’d like to get as much feedback from our customers and game developers as possible so that we can provide you with the highest quality product. We plan to finalize and release our design three weeks after the project is funded and keep you in touch as the product goes from conception to completion.


Tooling for the case designs will take around 6 weeks. It will take an additional two weeks to make and verify the first batch of components. We will then make any necessary adjustments for the final production run.


Assembly will start around late-April and we will begin shipping orders as soon as the units are ready.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

When it comes to mobile game controllers, there is none simpler and more efficient in design than the WynCASE. It doesn’t use batteries and has no complicated electronic circuitry, nor does it requires any special programming. The WynCASE has a comparatively small number of parts lessening the challenges of manufacturing. However, as with any other product, there are some risks and challenges to bring this product to mass production.

Making sure that each case design fits just right on the iPhone 4/4s 5 or iPod Touch.

Specifically to the 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch, the round edges on the backside present some challenges in making the case reversible. We are still fine-tuning our design and will continue to perfect the functionality of the case as time moves forward.

A high volume production run raises concern for quality control. It is of our highest priorities that each case is manufactured with the highest quality materials and equipment while adhering to all material and safety regulations as necessary.

We are working very hard in collaborating with game developers in making more games compatible with the WynCASE. While the case works with a large number of games already, ensuring that the case will work with every game is not a guarantee. With pledges and support from the Kickstarter and gaming community we have better chance of attaining this goal.

Our team at WynLABS™ is committed to bringing you the highest quality product while getting it to your door at the earliest time possible.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and for joining us as we bring this revolutionary device into the hands of the gaming community.