Pictures from the Empire State Building Shooting ( GRAPHIC)


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  • Ryanspride05

    And they(mayor bloomberg n buttbuddy ray kelly police commish) have blood on they’re hands now. Were talking a high risk target area for terrorists and we got people with guns in this so called “high risk area”. My beef is that why and how is a person with obvious mental problems get a gun. This is no longer new york, it is now the “new wild west” just on the east coast. Its sad, wen now you can’t walk down the block with out the thought crossin through ur head that “uh oh I can get shot cause people don’t care nemore” seriously its got to stop and thank god this is bloombergs last term. Who ever the next mayor is his priority better have somthing to do about this “gun epidemic”

  • Jamisonwperry

    Do you realize that NYC has some of the strictest gun laws in the country?  The gun that he was carrying was more than likely, an illegally obtained one.  Along with a massive percentage of the other firearms in NYC.  There are only a few exceptions that people may own and carry guns in NYC.  So this “gun epidemic” is one of mostly illegal firearms.  Making the gun laws even stricter will do what exactly?  Do you think if Bloomberg, or even the next Mayor completely outlaws firearms, that criminals will simply turn them all in?  

  • Anonymous

    Cops are the ones who shot the civilians, bro.