It seems that the Florida Marlins, in addition to becoming the Miami Marlins when they move into their new stadium next year, will do some re-branding on the logo (and presumably uniform) front as well. What you see above was recently tweeted by Marlins blogger Fish At Bat. It’s apparently legit, though another Marlins blogger is saying it’s this one. (Awfully close, which leaves me with little doubt this logo is essentially the real deal.) There’s been some strong (mostly negative) reaction, including from within the SportsGrid ranks. And so allow me to open myself up to potential ridicule and say: is this really so bad?

As a matter of fact, I actually like the one above better than the linked logo with the green/blue/orange color scheme. Yeah, I guess there’s a Miami Vice element to it, but the blue isn’t that neon. That combination of blue and orange with a limited amount of the yellow could, I think, produce something interesting uniform-wise (or just the Oklahoma City Thunder). And you know what? The color scheme in the other version presented could work, too, though I’d prefer to see the blue and green switched there.

Either way: not feeling the freakout, and if anything, like the boldness of these colors. Let me know what you think, dear readers, and maybe I just have horrible taste: I’d be thrilled if the Marlins went back to this > New Miami Marlins logo (pics) – Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below! for caps/helmets. (UPDATE: SportsGrid’s resident Floridian Tim Burke chimes in with, “I like it too. Even if it does look like Whataburger. Because I like Whataburger.” Hey, whatever works.)