In the wake of all the booze, the hookers, drugs and the stays at rehab comes the new SMASH “Charlie Sheen.” New York Rapper, AC always manages to release music to coincide with relevant pop culture issues and this time is no different (See “She Spitzer Swallows”, “Attack of the Blogs” and “911 in Retrospect”). Along side producer Mike Cash, the duo borrows an excerpt from Real McCoy’s 90’s Jam “Another Night” to make a real catchy anthem about the notorious sitcom star. So pour a glass of jack, call up your local escort service and turn the volume up! Charlie Sheen will soon be in every club.

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“these bitch’s are crazy, I could tell they want that Drama, So I scream at em like Mel did to Oksana” -AC

“Fresh Cut, call me wild thing, this is the Major League” – AC